18 September 2007

Alien abduction in Eastern Ontario?

Well, if it's not the RCMP... or the OPP... what could have happened to these brave Navajo warriors?
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officials are scratching their heads over media calls that 28 Navajo people were detained en route to the aboriginal protest at a quarry near Deseronto.

Cpl. Nancy Mason of the Kingston detachment said she has seen no evidence that the people were brought in for investigation.

"I'm not aware of any incident at all," she said. "We've gone right to our headquarters to see if it was officers from another area. We're not aware of anything taking place."

The OPP also have no knowledge of the incident.
If we rule out the racist police state and kidnapping by that evil Stephen Harper... I think we've gotta start looking at extra-terrestrial suspects.

Apparently their spokes-native has other ideas.
Spata Desareau, a member of the tribe that is an offshoot of the Navajo, maintains the group was taken into custody Sunday. The women and children were released immediately and the men kept under investigation until about 11 p.m.

The group has no hard feelings toward the police and wants to downplay the incident and the attention it's gotten, he said.
Yeah... I'll bet he does.


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"Although we do not believe this matter should be settled in the courts, we have to use every avenue open to us," said Doreen Davis, Chief of the Shabot Obaadjiwan.
Yeah, Doreen... we noticed.

The Shabot Obaadjiwan were actually forced to respond to a suit by Frontenac Ventures, the mining company that is suing the natives for $77-million... this after police refused to enforce an existing injunction.
Officers from the Ontario Provincial Police, who have the power to arrest the protesters but have not done so, were being subpoenaed for the motion, Smitheman added. They will be ordered to identify protesters and name other people who have been at the site to support the protesters.
This is gonna be interesting.

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