21 September 2007

Screw education, fuel and food...

How the loony left deals with a humanitarian crisis.

-- ABU DIS, West Bank -- Fahed Abu Haj, curator of the Abu Jihad Palestinian Political Prisoners Museum, greets visitors with a meant-to-shock claim: "The first Palestinian prisoner was Jesus," he says.
Apparently, that "three square meals a day thing" is totally over-rated. The really important thing is to build monuments to spread your propaganda.
With that salvo, Abu Haj introduces a place that is part symbol and part propaganda. The museum reflects a shared experience that Palestinians consider central to building their national identity: Israeli jail.

The museum opened in April and cost $750,000 to construct. A Kuwaiti charity provided the funds.
Hmmmm... there's something that feels a little off here.
One notable omission from the museum is any mention of prisoners from Hamas, the movement that defeated Fatah in legislative elections last year.
Oh yeah... that.

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