19 September 2007

Smack-talkin' Persians...

Are cruisin' for a bruisin'.

-- TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran has drawn up plans to bomb Israel if the Jewish state should attack, the deputy air force commander said, adding to tensions already heated up by an Israeli airstrike on Syria and Western calls for more U.N. sanctions against Tehran.
The RAND Corporation thinktank was quick to put the Iranian rhetoric into perspective...
"If Israelis attacked Iran it would be with high precision weapons that could destroy military targets," he said. "They could destroy Iran's nuclear reactor and do damage to the enrichment."

"The Iranian response would be quite different," Ochmanek said. "It would be small numbers of highly inaccurate missiles and the intention would be to do this for psychological purposes rather than to destroy discrete targets."

"It's an asymmetrical relationship."
In brains apparently, as well as brawn.

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Unknown said...

Retaliation rarely displays a symmetrical relationship and anyone responding with indignance over a violent response to a violent attack is just confusing to me.

Neo Conservative said...

"janet said... anyone responding..."

as i've remarked on more than one occasion, there are situations in this scary, modern world... that call for a totally disproportionate response.

this is one such scenario.

i would say to the iranians... "curious about life after death? fuck with israel and find out."


syncrodox said...


I seem to remember Quadafi raising terrorist hell until an American j-dam found it's way into his tent.

If I remember correctly some of his immediate family were killed.

How much trash have we heard from him since?

Oh...wait..the U.N. has rehabilitated him into a paragon of "human rights".

Silly me.


Anonymous said...

Let's not wait until it's a 'symmetrical' relationship, that would be stupid.