07 September 2007

Friday Night Follies

After getting his knuckles rapped for, well... being his usual vapid, offensive self... Canadian Cynic has implemented what I'm sure he feels, is his latest devastating onslaught...

CC has spent the last 48 hours poring over my blog to come up with what he feels is an equivalent sin... to his telling Wanda Watkins, the mother of a young soldier killed in Afghanistan... "Fuck You and Your Grief."
I guess this one really must have stung, huh, CC. Not so much fun, when you're on the other end of the stick.

As for CC... he's sticking with spitting in the face of a grieving mother.
"If the yammering mouth-breathers over at the Blogging Tories think that they're eventually going to shame me into disavowing the Wanda Watkins incident, they might want to reconsider..."
Because that's what he does best.

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Anonymous said...

The guy is a ravening lunatic

Neo Conservative said...

a raving lunatic... with a potty mouth.


Raphael Alexander said...

I gave CC the benefit of the doubt and came up empty. I guess he really does deserve what he has coming. It's almost cartoonish.

Neo Conservative said...

"raphael said... I gave CC the benefit of the doubt..."

as anybody who has ever brushed up against cc could tell you, "give him an inch, he'll take the box the tape measure came in"

and only someone who hates people very intensely... could spit in a grieving mother's face.