17 September 2007

The lunatic left has this theory...

It involves digging a big hole... placing your cranium inside it... and pulling the dirt back in, over top... fortunately France, of late anyway, has decided to walk another road.

A warning by France's foreign minister that the world should prepare for war over Iran's nuclear programme has drawn an angry response from Iran.

Iran's foreign ministry said the remark had damaged the credibility of France, while the official Iranian news agency accused Paris of aping Washington.

On Sunday France's Bernard Kouchner said: "We have to prepare for the worst, and the worst is war."
Meanwhile, back in the land of the "Hidden Imam"... Iran continues, as Clint Eastwood would say, to "feel lucky."
Iranian official media responded with contempt.

The accepted wisdom in Iran is that the US is too wrapped up in Iraq and Afghanistan to launch another war in the region, says the BBC's Jon Leyne in the capital, Tehran.
Yeah Mahmoud... you keep telling youself that. Even if the Americans choose to step back from this imminent geopolitical crisis, my guess is Israel has a bright, shiny... one might say glowing... "Plan B."

You might just wanna stop the crazy train... while you still can.


UPDATE: If we just let Iran off the hook...

They're willing to go out and find the "real killer."
“While the issue of Iran's nuclear case is close to being resolved, thanks to the measures taken by Iran and the IAEA, the extremism of the French leaders is creating an obstacle in this path,” the editorial said.

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dmorris said...

The biggest fear of many of us rednecks, is that the "appeasers' will continue to do exactly THAT, until the day come s when Iran actually HAS the bomb.

Now, try to negotiate with a psychopath armed with nuclear weapons.

I'm relieved to hear this from the French, at least some of them are paying attention.

I think it's in civilized nations' best interests to make sure Israel has enough megatonnage to do the dirty work, when it becomes necessary.

Throughout history, wars have always been preceded by useless, demeaning appeasement. "The more things change....."

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris said... Now, try to negotiate with a psychopath armed with nuclear weapons."

would that be before or after iran turns a major population center into crispy critters?

i don't think you have to worry about israel's megatonnage, or their political will.

i've said it before... iran will only get a nuclear capability... over israel's blackened, smoking corpse.