19 September 2007

Another Dion brainwave...

I can't wait to see the t-shirt... "My Canada includes every fanatical, murderous fundamentalist sonuvabitch..."

-- TORONTO -- Federal Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is repeating his call for a Canadian man being held in a U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay to be tried, if not in a U.S. court then in a Canadian one.
I imagine our soldiers is Afghanistan must be similarly excited about the actions of a man who also apparently aspires to be their next Commander-in-Chief.
Mr. Dion met Wednesday with U.S. military lawyers representing Omar Khadr, 21, and later spoke at a hotel in downtown Toronto.

Mr. Khadr is accused of murdering a U.S. officer in Afghanistan in a 2002 firefight at an alleged al Qaeda compound when he was 15.
Sorry Steffi... my Canada does not include terrorists.

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dmorris said...

Apparently Khadr's appearance has changed quite a lot since he was the chubby cheeked fifteen year old pictured by the MSM.

So, are there any photos extant of the 21 year old Khadr out there, that we bloggers should inundate the internet with, in response to the MSM's depiction of an Islamic "Beaver", "just a nice kid from next door who made a mistake, and is suffering injustice because of it".

dmorris said...

Well, just to answer my own question, I "Googled" Khadr's image, and Wikipedia. There is not one decent photo of him taken recently, but page after page of his "Omar at 15" photo. How sweet!

Does the MSM not possess a more recent photo of this controversial person? Are they too lazy to try to obtain one, or are they content to continue to use an old and false image of a person who they see as a "victim" of the "Great Satan"?

Does "journalistic integrity" even exist anymore, or am I being very naive?

Neo Conservative said...

he's also being described as near psychotic... does steffi imagine he can just turn him loose and omar'll simply slide into that fry-boy slot at mcdonalds?


Jim said...

Maybe Denis Coderre will adopt Khadr...seems very fitting to me. I am sure Coderre would be a fine parent to a terrorist and heck, their last names are almost the same!

Canadianna said...

Dion is wrong about this, but so are the Americans. They should never have tried to go with that 'enemy combatant' nonsense. That was them not wanting to be bound by the Geneva Conventions (which because of their handling of these guys and the scrutiny they're under, they're more or less following anyway).
Khadr is a POW and should not be tried, released or turned over to another state.
If the war on terror is ever over, then let him go. Until then, he is an enemy prisoner, period.

KURSK said...

As evidenced by the 12 year old boy hacking the head off a man recently demonstrated, being young in age does not mean that you are devoid of murderous intent..

I know plenty of 15 year olds that can tell you how the most sophisticated weaponry works..

Believe you me, a 15 year old kid can prime, arm and detonate a grenade with a modicum of education and ease..it's not rocket science.

Neo Conservative said...

"Canadi-anna said... If the war on terror is ever over, then let him go"

since the war on terror oughta end about the time jack layton becomes prime minister... i'm good with that.


Anonymous said...

Eventually he should be turned over the Afghan justice system and face murder charges. Afghanistan has enough problems right now though, they don't need hundreds more terrorists in their jails.

Or hang him. I don't care either way.

Anonymous said...

Poor St├ęphane Dion, it just gets worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

Dion is a complete idiot, but he can never be Commander-in-Chief. Constitutionally, that position belongs to the Queen, who has delegated her powers to the Governor General via Letters Patent. Sorry to be such a stickler.

Neo Conservative said...

"dave h said... delegated her powers to the Governor General via Letters Patent."

hey dave... we're talkin' real world here.

to even be considered for the totally ceremonial, politically correct, tokenistic position of governor general, you now have to be a female foreign-born member of a visible minority... whose previous job experience entailed hacking out warm, fuzzy-bunny articles for the leftbot cbc.

if you think stephen harper and rick hillier are taking military direction from someone who has those particular attributes... you are truly deluded.


Anonymous said...

I say use the rules of the Geneva Convention.

Non-uniformed combatants can be summarily executed!

As a Canadian, you should only be able to legally fight under one flag...if you don't know which one, blame the Liberals.