17 September 2007

A load of crap indeed

Everybody brace yourself... here comes a Jurassic fart.

-- DUVANNY YAR, Russia -- Sergei Zimov bends down, picks up a handful of syrup-like mud and holds it to his nose. It smells like a cow pat, but he knows better.

"It smells like mammoth dung," he said.

This is more than just another symptom of global warming.
Yeah, you go ahead and focus on the dino shit... I'm a glass half full kinda guy myself.
A sea level rise of just 50 feet would give us a Conservative majority up here, and put the Republicans back in charge of Congress down there, while guaranteeing that neither Hillary nor Chelsea Clinton ever becomes President.

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GDW said...

Up until today, the weirdest chapter of the global warming saga was the one in which Al Gore, a more or less forgotten and deservedly ridiculed failed presidential candidate, was hauled out of his environmentally unsound eco-crypt in Tennessee and resurrected as GW's reigning prophet/guy in a Chicken Little suit.

But mammoth dung and over-eager methane emitting microbes beats even that. Easily.

Neo Conservative said...

you think maybe they're reaching just a little bit?

mammoth dung... c'mon ya gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

huh? what's this? Al Gore emits mammoth dung? that's hardly shocking...

GDW said...

Sure they're reaching: and I hope they keep it up. When I first heard of global warming, I was annoyed by the automatic jump-to-a-doomsday-conclusion aspect of it, but since then I've really, er, warmed to the subject. I mean, Al Gore as messiah? Hamburgers and mammoth chips as the latest dire threats to the future of all life on Earth? Reaching? Oh yeah. It's kind of like the last part of a Keystone Cops movie, just before the big smash up. I can't wait to see the crash and burn this movie finishes with.

bluetech said...

Are they sure it wasn't Lib puffin's hiding it up there?
After the Quebec fiasco, they might be tempted. to run that far.