26 September 2007

While David Miller raises taxes...

And cuts services to the citizens of Toronto... will he still be shelling out for a city subsidised nightclub?

-- TORONTO -- The City of Toronto is reviewing the leasing terms of a building it rents to a community group for 7¢ a year following a complaint from Councillor Rob Ford that the facility is not being used for its intended purpose.

Mr. Ford said the Marcus Garvey Community Centre for Leadership and Enterprise, located in the Weston Road and Sheppard Avenue area, is apparently not being used as a skills training centre, and has been sub-leased on select weekends to promoters who are using the centre as a nightclub.
Maybe this is a tempest in a teapot... I'm sure the majority of Torontonians aren't gonna mind that their property taxes are being used to promote rap music and hip-hop sensibility.
The building encompasses 22,000-square-feet and is located at 160 Rivalda Rd. Mr. Ford-- who said he was tipped off by a Rivalda Road businessman who has personally witnessed parties at the centre -- said the Marcus Garvey Centre pays no property taxes or water bills and that the city provides landscaping services.

According to the terms of the lease obtained by Mr. Ford, the city gave the Marcus Garvey Centre a 15-year lease for $1 beginning in 2002.

UPDATE: Miller has to eat this one

Looks like threats and blackmail aren't gonna work after all.
Mayor David Miller, who presented the motion to reopen the centres, came under fire for agreeing to close the centres down in the first place. His peers grilled him on why he allowed that to happen without council's approval.

Miller said he's agreeing to reverse the decision because of the impact it has had on the public but warned that cuts would come and that they would probably hurt.
Hey Mr. Mayor, you need revenue... I know a lease you could renegotiate.

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Anonymous said...

7 cents! adjusted for inflation over 15 years they could probably get 10 cents! Idiots.

22,000 square feet plus free services - used to spread messages of hate. Thanks Comrade Miller.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

I think perhaps it should be noted more explicitly that this lease began in 2002, and David Miller was elected Mayor in 2003. Now, it's his problem NOW, and the City is apparently (and appropriately) investigating the complaints, but it's perhaps not quite fair to blame "Comrade Miller" as ananymous does above, for a lease that was entered into when Mel Lastman was mayor.

Unknown said...

even ignoring the fact that someone is fraudulently getting fat here at taxpayer expense.... suppose somebody's kids get a little lead poisoning at a one of these city enabled rap soirees.

it raises all kinds of liability issues.

miller should get on this.