26 September 2007

Hey Dalton... no biggie

He probably wasn't voting Fiberal anyway.

-- OTTAWA -- On a day when the Liberals wanted to tout their plans to hire more nurses and reduce surgical wait times, Dalton McGuinty got a pointed rebuff today from a terminally ill cancer patient who upbraided the premier for refusing to fund certain new cancer drugs.

During a Liberal campaign visit to an Ottawa hospital, patient Mike Brady refused to shake McGuinty's outstretched hand, telling him he has cancer and "you're not helping any."

"That's not true," McGuinty replied, without inquiring further, before continuing his tour.
The least McGuinty could have done here was hear this guy out... but he chose to turn and run away.

"Thank you very much... oh wise and compassionate Premier."


UPDATE: Exchange was caught on tape
The hospital encounter was one of McGuinty's few dealings this week with ordinary citizens and prompted reporters to ask why he doesn't meet the public more often.

McGuinty has attended stage-managed events, interviews and press conferences for most of the week.

LAST WORD: Stunts R'Us
Dalton McGuinty went to great lengths yesterday to make a point.

His campaign crew flew to London, staying overnight for an early morning news conference at which he re-announced plans to hire 9,000 more nurses if re-elected.

Kudos for creativity, but the trip didn't do much for the environment. And he didn't speak to a single Londoner, other than local candidates.

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syncrodox said...


If Robert Stanfield dropping a football swung an election I wonder what could be done with this.

Is there video?


Neo Conservative said...

dalton seems to get a pass from the media on stuff like this.

i saw him commenting on tory's wine and beer thing in convenience stores and he basically said... "john tory wants to get your daughter wasted so he can feel her up" and nobody batted an eye.

it's amazing.


syncrodox said...


I wonder if there isn't a cameraman out there who might misplace a video file on the puter.

These things are so damn complicated that mistakes can happen.


GDW said...

These are Liberals: remember 1990 and 1995 when all the smart money was on them winning? McGuinty's campaign is flat, and people are beginning to notice. They're even getting a bit chippy. The religious schools issue is starting to wane because it's old news and people are beginning to look at what the Liberals themselves have done in the past four years. But if Tory starts to move in the polls, watch McGuinty haul out a Mike Harris rag doll and shake it in front of every camera he can find. Could be a noisy, nasty finish.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but what ever happened to Harper's promise to cover illness and treatments for any Canadian who can't get it here?

Harper didn't get it done.

Anonymous said...

re: "excuse me" I assume you're referring to mental illness?, you're bang on pal, he didn't get it done, don't give up your spot in the line, next term he'll get to you.

bluetech said...

McGuinty wants all eyes on the distorted so-called education issue, instead of health care and law and order.
Meanwhile...Caledonia has managed to slip off the radar screen. MSM too busy mixing up the lines on FBS.
Was anyone ever arrested for attacking the builder?

Anonymous said...

annon at 8:46 & 8:59:

Blaming everything on the Conservatives is REALLY getting old. Time to face facts, the libs never have and never will get anything done.

Anonymous said...

By golly Dalton I believe I hear defeat calling your name.

Anonymous said...

Right on frank! And the little quip re: Harris 'firing nurse's' is getting old too. Dalton and the provincial government do not have the authority to hire and fire nurse's...only the employers do. If Harris had to cut the health care budget,(no thanks to reduced federal transfer funding) there were plenty other positions that admins could have cut. Handier to upset the union, that way Harris came out as anti-union.
Does anyone have a quote from Harris saying 'fire nurses'?
Why is the media giving McGuinty an easy ride?I'm tired of telling co-workers what I read on the internet....they don't want to believe it.