23 August 2016

Yeah, Skippy... you're right...

...let's just change this one to "attempted murder"...

“To equate not disclosing one’s HIV status with the traditional understanding of aggravated sexual assault, we don’t think is fair.”
Fair? FAIR?!

Unlike... you know... infecting people with a terminal disease.


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Never mind sex... let's talk swapping spit with a rubbie...
"Part of the dilemma is CPR training. It usually happens in “lovely clean rooms, using very clean, asexual mannequins,” far removed from messier, real life conditions."
I'm pretty sure these are totally unrealistic numbers anyway.


Bill E said...

It seems that schizophrenia is an acceptable argument in the new sex/gender politics as well.

Logical syllogism for you:

A= AIDS is a deadly disease.
B= AIDS is easily avoided by refusing sex with known infected persons
C= People with AIDS engaging in sex with unwitting uninfected persons is sexual contract without full disclosure and as such is deadly assault with a lethal weapon.

A+B=C Simple logic formula, unless you are dyslexic, or you've had your brain and soul ripped out by socially-destructive political ideologies like perverse social justice pathology.

The laughabl presumptiom that menaces to public safety have privacy rights is equivalent to saying the rats carrying bubonic plague had a "right" to free mobility.

These bug carriers should be isolated from society or made sexually sterile, frig the privacy "rights" of a plague carrier.

I think Hayek said it best when he

Neo Conservative said...

can't actually add anything here... except that skippy's hurt feelings shouldn't trump my (or anyone elses) life.


Bill E said...

The point is Neo "social justice" is a mirage - a cloak for genocidal policies like spreading the plague under the guise of civil rights, or seeking equality through inequality (encouraging black/ethnic racism).

Hayek said that so-called "social justice" was about redistributing and expanding injustice - and ultimately leads to totality of authority and genocide of non conformity.

was he clairvoyant? How did he see the drive for global autocracy and depopulation by the 1% under the guise of social justice?

Neo Conservative said...

he's not the candidate i would have gone looking for... but, i'll take trump over the lyin' hildebeast any day.