02 August 2016

Bros before (legally purchased) hoes

Don't hassle me babe... Religion Dude says it's totally okay.eotwawki

“And then, her master has relations with her because this is permissible in Islam, it’s permissible to have relations with a woman who is your slave or your wife.”
Imam Ali Hammuda, Al-Manar Mosque, Cardiff, Wales.


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THE FLIP SIDE: You can't ignore it...
Closing America’s door to immigrants will never be the answer to the challenges we face. Instead, America needs to bring in the best minds – and the most minds – to fight cancer and solve other seminal issues of our times.
It's important not to close our minds.


Bill Elder said...

I'm waiting for a gays for Islam march in Orlando.

If the self loathing SJWs keep inventing victim causes at some point they will end fighting each other over everything and Darwin will be satisfied.

Neo Conservative said...

the immigration question doesn't seem, to me anyway, to be so terribly complicated.

how about a return to quality over quantity? post updated