07 August 2016

Funny, how nobody ever seems to...

...accidentally visit an orphanage, or a library...

Anthony was responding to questions about a TMZ report that several players thought they were walking into a spa on their day off Wednesday night, but wound up in a brothel.
Hey... if it could happen to Jack Layton, it could happen to anybody, right?


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Yeah... it's not like it could kill... wait a minute...
A 47-year-old man is facing a charge of aggravated sexual assault after he allegedly failed to disclose his HIV diagnosis to a woman he was sleeping with.

Toronto police say the relationship with the 25-year-old lasted from January 2011 to June of 2012.
I guess this guy didn't have the benefit of Kathleen Wynne's new sex ed program.


Anonymous said...

You can take the boy out of the hood but you cant take the hoodie out of the boy.

To be fair, though Rio is not known as a major cultural center where classic art and culture is worshiped in multitudes of large sandstone edifices - perhaps the brothel IS a Brazilian cultural icon.

Neo Conservative said...

i don't know why these guys don't just come clean... it probably would gain them some cred back in the hood.