31 August 2016

CNN - the "clickbait news network

A group of astronomers says a radio telescope in Russia has detected a “strong signal” of life in a star system about 95 light-years from Earth.
Except, of course, it's nothing of the sort. This is simply a way to try increase their audience.

Let's ask the folks from SETI what they think...
But, of course, it's been announced to the media. Reporters won't have the background to know it's not interesting. Because the media has it, and since this business runs on media, everyone will look at it.

ATA is looking at it. I assume Breakthrough will look at it. Someone will look at it with Arecibo, and we'll be along for the ride. And I'll check the SETI@home database around that position.

And we'll all find nothing. It's not our first time at this rodeo, so we know how it works.
I hate being manipulated.


Bill Elder said...

I saw Wolf Blitzer walking away from the picklegate media scam - at least he has some caution to preserve credibility, but personally I think CNN is kept afloat by DNC/clinton fund/Soros because their numbers are in the sink

Neo Conservative said...

bigger hill, better death... the pickle stunt was laughable.