09 August 2016

We're Number 3, we're number 3!!!!

Losing our minds over second runner up...

I feel like a superhero,” said the incandescent Jen Kish, the team captain and charter member of the core group that built this team. “What a freaking historical win for us.”
Congrats on the medal, but doesn't this seem a teeny bit over the top. I mean, look at the stuff that Canadians are freaking out about.


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On the same day Abdirahman Abdi was pronounced dead, Ottawa police moved to hire a Somali-Canadian man who had failed a background check, prompting the civilian investigator in charge of vetting officers to resign.
Hells bells... if this guy is the community's best & brightest... we have to hire him regardless... right?

The pursuit of less than excellence.

Uh... anybody else noticing a pattern here?


Bill E said...

Not watching, never will - globalist confab - shooting sports un televised/reported - F em!

Anonymous said...

I play a little game when the RCMP screws up.
It's called Spot The Affirmative Action Hire.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........the only winners are those who come in first.

Neo Conservative said...

once again, the soft bigotry of low expectations rears its ugly head.