09 August 2016

That secretive, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...

OTTAWA -- The Justin Trudeau government is on pace this year to preside over the biggest-ever recorded cut to the number of federal environment scientists.

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...I'm here to save you...
The tree at the centre of a fatal accident in Trinity Bellwoods Park was flagged as a potential hazard almost two years ago, documents obtained by Metro show.
Politicians... they're all the same.


Bill E said...

Interesting development, but expected. When you suffer under a technocratic-kleptocrat regime, science is only needed to rubber stamp crisis narratives and the junk solutions the regime needs to fill its pockets and remove your freedoms.

After the junk science narratives are established, you don't want real science nosing around and finding new facts that destroy the established klepto-narratives.

Prince selfie rules over an ideological agenda based in disputed science - the next 4 years we will watch this dogmatic imbecile destroy our economy and security to placate his ego and his sectarian mythologies.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... the 24/7 justin news network will do its best to drown out any dissent.

oh, look... he took his shirt off again.


Gerry said...

I asked some acquaintances I worked with why they were so opposed to Harper and they listed his 'repression' of scientists. So I recently sent them a couple of links to articles like this and what I have heard from them is silence. So I poked them again with this article, still silence. But then since it is in a publication they view as not liberal I suppose they choose to ignore it all.

Neo Conservative said...

"gerry says... they listed his 'repression' of scientists."

it's no small feat to break through the wall of confirmation bias. people voted for justin even though he said he was gonna run a 10 billion dollar deficit. now that it's 30 billion dollars (and rising), i guess they love him three times as much as they did before.