18 August 2016

Build me a wall...

...as fast as you can...

Yet much as the gun control experiment in Chicago has proven, the gun control schema in Mexico is correlating with rampant violent crime rather than a reduction in such crime. In fact, Mexico’s homicide rate is “more than five times higher” that the homicide rate in the U.S.

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Mustafa Ahmed, 28, wanted for murder after an original member of Ottawa's most notorious street gang was gunned down in a ByWard Market club is believed to be in Toronto.
See... you take firearms away from farmers, hunters and target shooters and... problem solved.


LAST WORD: Ask the lunatic left...

...they'll tell you...
"They listen to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and believe Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when either of them says anything about the scary, black boom-boom sticks. Or even just the regular variety boom-boom sticks."
Just like pencils write poetry... and SUV's murder pedestrians.


Bill E said...

"He was also an aspiring rapper and hip hop star, with several videos posted on YouTube over the years."

Here's another one. See a trend yet?

The social engineers in culture creation scored a hat trick when they came up with gangsta/hip-hop culture - scores right up there with abortion as a population control mechanism.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... an aspiring rapper and hip hop star, with several videos posted on YouTube"

which applies equally to any disenfranchised teenager with a cell phone & access to the internet.

what it actually means is "totally uneducated, unemployable yout'", in between slingin' dope and impregnating local tramps, imagines he will be the next tupac... which, in the sense of being shot to death, he very often is.


Bill E said...

"Just like pencils write poetry... and SUV's murder pedestrians.....

....and +10 Ruger .22lr magazines make the streets run red with innocent blood