29 August 2016

The ever helpful CBC...

...narrows it down to a couple of hundred thousand suspects...

Two young men were seen fleeing the area, northbound, towards Dundas Street East.
And it's not like Toronto newspapers are any better...
One woman, who asked not to be named, believes she saw the killers fleeing. “There were three of them,” she said. “I could see at least one of them had a gun in his hand.”
Okay, stop right there... that's all the info we need.


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Funny how's there's never a "Black Lives Matter" protest around, when you really, really need one.


Bill E said...

Darwin? heh, can't make up irony like that.

Reading further into the associated stories, I see Trump sent out another tasteless tweet and all the usual race hustlers jumped on him for it - I wonder why these people are silent when Obama did the same thing?

Our culture is becoming schizophrenic.

Bill E said...

BTW Neo - I see the cops nabbed the crossbow killer

- some guy with an armed robbery history who was known as the fake beard bandit - I really want to know the motive on this one, and really really want to know how he killed 3 people with a crossbow - but there is a BS publication ban on the trial and the cops are clamming up - what's up??

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... I really want to know the motive on this one"

the only hint of motive that i've come across is possible "daddy issues". apparently this guys father died during surgery for ulcers and me crossbow took it very personally.

maybe he went after the surgeon responsible?


Anonymous said...

Black culture glorifies criminality and stupidity.
What did they think was going to happen?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Black culture glorifies criminality and stupidity."

certainly a subset of the black community glorifies violence and misogyny... you only have to listen to 10 minutes of rap to see that.

but the real problem is everyone's complicity in the suckass political correctness sweeping north america.