22 August 2016

"Nothing to see here, move along"

I recall, once upon a time, Mrs Neo relating how, passing our open bathroom door she saw a toddler-ish Neophyte standing on a stool doing something surreptitious involving running water.

Before she could even frame the question, he guiltily cried out... "Nothing really!"

In that very same spirit I present... get ready

"The German government plans to tell citizens to stockpile food and water in case of an attack or catastrophe, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper reported on Sunday."
I'm sure it's all just coincidence... I mean... "nothing really."


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...listen to ISIS...
"So brothers, when you have any chance to kill one of those American of French infidels or any of those who support them, take it.

"You can smash his head with a stone, slaughter him, run him over by car, throw him off a roof, strangle him or even poison him."
That's some "religion of peace."


UPDATE: Those kooky "Asians"...

...and their machetes...
Police sources have told RTBF that the woman was Asian and had a history of mental illness.
See... it's not about immigration... this is about healthcare!

But, it's not just Belgium...
Police are investigating if an explosion which killed a child in Gothenburg suburb BiskopsgÄrden on Monday morning is a revenge attack.
So, not the usual Islamic suspects, right? it's just ruthless Swedish gangsters... wait a minute... Who are Adam Abdulahi & Ahmed Warsame?
"Today, the gang environment is… I don't want to exactly call it the Wild West, but something in that direction."
The Swedish media takes the long way around, and won't use the word terrorist, but ask yourself, what sort of gang has access to hand grenades?


Rich said...

-Paragraph was brilliantly written....to avoid saying that the "attack" might involve flying carpets.

Bill E said...

This is a plea from a government which can't protect its national infrastructures from terror attacks that may disrupt communications, water or food delivery.

Maybe they know something the people don't. Watch the political elites, when they don their jets to leave for their off shore refuge leaving petty bureaucrats and generals to manage the mess they made, the fecal matter is about to hit the rotating oscillator.

Neo Conservative said...

precautions on such a scale suggest a significant release of chemical, radiological or biological agents. if i were german i would be more than a little apprehensive.