09 August 2016

I'm only gonna...

...say this once...bias, what bias?


Bill E said...

Nice catch - re: the "gobbler" restaurant video - lovely example of late 60s "space age" kitsch in architecture and interior design - looks like the alien craft from the day the earth stood still with some natural vagas desert rock thrown in for good luck. ;-)

I recall seeing a few examples of such establishments in Canada - some in Winnipeg and once, when my Dad was still alive he took us on a tour in the motor home to points east and I recall stopping somewhere in Ontario - I think Barrie? where we saw this huge flying saucer looking restaurant from the highway looked like a giant sun dial - great buffet, kids ate for 1/2 price - I remember that.

I love these nostalgia pages but you can get mired down "longing for" the fetid corporate goo that was churned out at the time - man they played to a suck market in those days

Neo Conservative said...

i agree... so many of these little side trips are evocative of childhood and pleasant memories.