17 August 2016

Barry, Barry quiet

I'm from the government... I'm here to save you...

It’s been more than a month since soldiers in South Sudan, a country that gets more than a billion dollars a year in U.S. assistance, singled out American aid workers for beatings and abuse amid an orgy of theft, intimidation, and gang rapes.

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"Faye accompanied Department of Human Services employees Harmony Raffeo and Deana Chase to Garden Park Medical Center in Gulfport. One of her daughters had tested positive for gonorrhea."

"The 1-year-old was not tested but was suffering from symptoms that prompted medical staff to treat both children for gonorrhea. The 2-year-old tested positive for the STD and had symptoms indicating she had been penetrated."
Maybe they can set up an agency to look into why this agency failed so egregiously. The only thing government does well is create more government. You have to look out for you and yours.


LAST WORD: The Puppetmaster

Maybe Hillary's tics and seizures come from Soro's hand being too far up her ass...
One of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors, billionaire George Soros, has been exposed in a massive hack for manipulating elections in Europe via his non-government organizations.
Elect another criminal Clinton? Are people really that stupid?


Bill Elder said...

Sudan is a basket case socially, culturally - immigration should be banned for obvious reasons. The more important componenet of this story is the news black out. We live in a "rigged" world now - government and it's handmaiden the media filter info and produce "narratives" not news, polls are rigged, elections are rigged, even a google/alexa search has been rigged. It will be a struggle to end the decade with your sanity intact - we have 3rd world corruption in western power structure, you can't vote out the media, but this is how the ruling class control our reality.

As for child abuse in Foster homes - it's as rampant as it was when the church ran orphanages - CPS and family court has been proven to be a procurement tool for a high place pedophile network which extends into our power structure - again, 3rd world political/moral culture reign here now.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, sudan... not unlike somalia after slick willie bailed during the "blackhawk down" fiasco.

slavery, rape, tribal genocide... truly the stuff africa is made of.