26 August 2016

Okay, looks like I'm going shopping

"The recipe came to us by way of Colonel Harland Sanders' nephew, Joe Ledington of Kentucky. He says he found it in a scrapbook belonging to his late Aunt Claudia, Sanders' second wife."
hillary lies
With the oil temperature just right at 350 degrees, the chicken soaked in buttermilk and coated just once in the breading mixture, we had our final tasting.

How was it? Well, really good. In fact, tasters agreed the test kitchen fried chicken was even better than the Colonel's.
Just click on the recipe.


Bill Elder said...

Next week the "secret sauce" on a big Mac ;-)

Neo Conservative said...

i used to be a junk food degenerate who could guzzle kfc all day, but mrs neo finds it too salty. so this could work out for us... i'd happily eat all the skin and leave the chicken meat for the mrs.


Frances said...

Neo - surely Mrs Neo can modify the recipe to give you the herbs without too much salt. Given the recipe has both garlic salt and salt, I suggest one of two remedies: 1) ditch the salt but keep the garlic salt; and, 2) keep the salt but switch the garlic salt to garlic powder. Enjoy.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... surely Mrs Neo can modify the recipe"

frances, i know she could, but sadly for junk foodie me, mrs neo is eating lots of kale and tofu these days.

i read somewhere that people are making kentucky fried burgers with this recipe and, as chief barbequer around here, i may just try that.