19 August 2016

Remember... Justin Trudeau...

...is way smarter than you...

The professor parroted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s opinion that the issue is too complicated for a referendum, that people wouldn’t really understand what they would be voting on, and so leaving it to the politicians is the best approach.
We're talking about the Justin who flunked out of two grad school programs, right?


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You will not laugh, you will not joke...
Ward told Spiked that he plans to appeal the decision, and if that fails, will try to bring the case to the Supreme Court. “If I lose that I’ll just move to Syria or Saudi Arabia, or some other country that respects free speech as much as Canada does.”
That is, if the Liberals don't throw him in jail.


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate your link does not work, because the opinion piece you intended to link to is worth reading. The message I got when clicking on your highlighted part reads that "the page's address isn't valid".

This link should work: http://vancouversun.com/opinion/opinion-consultation-on-electoral-reform-is-a-farce

-- Gabby in QC

Bill E said...

So solly, Linkee brokee , try this one -

Yeah, the shirtless PM is about as smart as a radish.

This electoral reform bunko is an agenda that has floated around radical left circles for decades - you know, the radical hate Canada, Hate the majority radicals whose parties always collectively finish with less than 10% of the vote - gee, we have to find a way to make 10% mathematically superior than 51% - so the commie election rigging engineers set out to rework fractional mathematics as they have reworked the historic record.

In a weighted ballot with a 1st and 2nd choice and 5 commie candidates and 1 conservative democrat who do suppose weighted outcomes will favor in second past the post winners?

Yeah this is real genius - if you have the intellect of a radish. If they go to a weighted ballot why not get it over with and go ton a single party political system as well - fuck, why even bother with elections when the outcomes are this predictable?

Neo Conservative said...

link fixed... my apologies.


Anonymous said...

Excellent piece from the Vancouver Sun.
I really fear for the deluded masses...and I fear for us because the deluded masses can vote.


Neo Conservative said...

every once in a while you get something from the msm that isn't all "puppies" or "pectorals".

it's so rare it's actually quite startling.