11 August 2016

Done and done

I'm just surprised there haven't been more of these things... and, no CBC... I don't wanna hear about his "troubled childhood"...

He first caught the attention of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in October 2014 when he was tweeting support for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria under the alias Harun Abdurahman.
And here comes the Trudeaupian rationalisation...
"It's shocking. Absolutely shocking, actually," said Driver's former lawyer, Leonard Tailleur.
Well, Lenny... maybe if you're a professional apologist for very bad people. Apparently this guy was shot after he he detonated a device that wounded himself and one other person.

Guess who isn't "absolutely shocked?" That'd be Aaron Driver's father...
"The way I see it they did what they had to do. He would not surrender. I’m sure they gave him ample chances."
Well... there you go.


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Watch how the Toronto "Death Star" changes the narrative...
The goal was to understand the other side of the story — to hear in these peoples’ own words why they would rather dodge bombs and bullets in a war zone than take advantage of Canada’s comforts and security.
The war zone being Strathroy, Ontario... right? Just a poor, misunderstood member of the "Religion of Peace."
"He defended the acts of retribution, be they torture beheadings, executions and burning people alive as gruesome but ultimately necessary."
"Acts of retribution," you say?


LAST WORD: The stuff CBC internships are made of...
At one point there was muffled laughter in the courtroom at Old City Hall after Siad said, "I don't recall" before the Crown had finished asking a question.

The judge instructed Siad to wait until the prosecutor had asked a question before answering.

Siad admitted to friends he used his cellphone to record Rob Ford smoking a crack pipe. He then tried to sell the video to the U.S. news website Gawker.com and to the Toronto Star.
No wonder you dumbsticks are going out of business.


Bill Elder said...

My angle on the play is determining if this is the police correcting a mistake the courts made or the police capitalizing on a mistake the courts made.

The minite this punk walked away from a terrorism charge with nothing but a piece of worthless paper between him and his destiny as a Jihadi, everyone in the case knew it wasn't a matter of if but when he would suicide out and take others with him.

Why give him the chance?

Anonymous said...

The father has a military background and has some sense. What I don't get was why this Muslim convert was living with his sister. Was she sympathetic or he couldn't afford to live in his own and she took him in because he was still her brother.

Neo Conservative said...

thank goodness the ert guys were able to change this guy's horoscope before he lit up a shopping mall or a bus station.

definitely worth burning up another 72 virgins.


Frances said...

Neo - I rather doubt the virgins are that thrilled.

Neo Conservative said...

thank goodness they're only mythical virgins.