04 August 2016

One man's "inappropriate" is...

...another man's Facebook page...do tellSo, what's the deal here... was Hunter Tootoo dating a German Sheppard?

And I'm not the only person speculating...insert alt text here**********

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...caught in a blatant lie... yet not one "professional" journalist calls him on it...justin rodham trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has privately told his caucus not to believe the swirling rumours about Hunter Tootoo’s resignation as fisheries minister, while refusing to provide any details to the public about what triggered the sudden departure.

"Trudeau said the speculation that was circulating was simply not true,” a Liberal source said.

The Liberals are trying to shut down speculation that Mr. Tootoo was forced to resign because of a particular incident, or that Mr. Trudeau was left with no choice but to ask him to leave cabinet.
O Canada.


Bill Elder said...

The silence about scandal is fully a media phenomina - you know if this was Jason Kenny getting likkered up and on a tail hunt at the CPC confab, it would dominate every news cycle with speculation and revelation until the government collapsed - you KNOW this is true, there's no disputing just how revoltingly biased the Canadian MSM is.

What if this had not been a likker 'n puss scandal? What if smoking gun evidence came to light that a Truedough crony had compromised national security or had sold us out on a trade deal or owned a business the government spent billions on or got tax free status - what then? Yeah I know same thing.

Actually all the incidents I name above had happened during the Chretien regime and the media contained them by keeping them as below radar commentary in a single news cycle then flushed them down the memory hole from reappearing in any subsequent news cycle - google them now and you get no info, even wikipedia and past on line references have been cleansed of these scandals (google ciprogate, or bad blood scandal and see what you get) The liberal scandals that could not be cleansed like Shawinigate and sponsorship scandal have been downplayed as "mistakes" made by underlings in the govt. machine - but you see ALL the bogus scandals MSM tried to stick Harper with still pull up as item 1 or 2 on a google search.

- but with Junior at the helm, these would never see print in the first place and you know it. The Canadian media revel in their power to literally write politically cleansed history.

When the SHTF and the natives get restless, these media toadies are the first ones who should be treated to a tar dip.

Neo Conservative said...

as long as the media continues its one-sided coverage, the truth will never out.

there's a reason corporations spend billions on advertising every year. if you repeat something enough times... most people will accept it as fact.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...............german sheppard, that's ok the supreme court says so.

Neo Conservative said...

some professional journalist has yet to ask tootoo... was it an inappropriate, or an "illegal" relationship?

but nobody from the 24/7 justin network is gonna do that. wouldn't wanna embarrass the boss.