24 August 2016

Unemployed Malcontents...

...show up yet again, to shit on people in charge of investigating these events...

Members of Black Lives Matter - Toronto are rallying outside the province’s Special Investigations Unit in Mississauga to protest the death of a Somali-Canadian man killed in Ottawa last month following a confrontation with police.

Earlier this month, Black Lives Matter - Toronto blocked off the busy downtown intersection of Yonge and Dundas streets calling for justice for 37-year-old Abdi. “Abdirahman Abdi was lynched by police officers in front of his home in Ottawa,” said BLM Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali.
Hey, not to put too fine a point on it, but wasn't this the guy who was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman? The same guy who fled the scene and resisted arrest?
"Police responded to 911 calls reporting Abdi grabbing women’s breasts inside a Hintonburg coffee shop."
Funny how those facts rarely make it into any of these news stories.

And Yusra Kogali... where have I heard that name before?professional agitatorsOh yeah... the Muslim "death threat" lady.

It seems CTV has a very selective memory. So much for "professional" journalism.


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So, the only thing wrong with Toronto's cabbies is that... they don't speak English, have no concept of customer service or cultural sensitivity, no idea where things actually are and a tendency to crash into stuff.
"According to the release, the Toronto Taxi Alliance program will include an English language assessment and lessons in customer service, cultural sensitivity, road knowledge and defensive driving."
And a website for customer complaints is gonna fix all that?

How about hiring reasonable, competent people in the first place?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........I know this is Canada, but, a riot squad should be out there beating the living cr ap out of these morons.

Neo Conservative said...

as kate at sda is wont to say... not showing up to riot is a failed conservative strategy.


Bill E said...

If the political and justice systems don't start working for the majority to curb the chaos created by nihilist agitators, there will be civil unrest/backlash - I'm not so sure that isn't the end game of modern PC-infected government anyway.

I believe in the proven axiom that nothing in politics and social reaction happens by chance. We are being engineered into a non functioning society. The lowest elements of society are allowed to set the public agenda for a reason - that reason ALWAYS benefits the 1%

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... that reason ALWAYS benefits the 1%"

and pm trust fund millionaire is firmly in that 1% isn't he.


Frances said...

Neo - "unemployed malcontents" - shouldn't that be "unemployable malcontents"?

Neo Conservative said...

frances... that's a good point.