12 August 2016

What happened to being Proud & Out?

Maybe, instead of indiscriminately hooking up with complete and innumerable strangers, these "best of the best" Olympians should be thinking "proud and out the door"...

“The Daily Beast should be embarrassed at this piece of homophobic trash and try swiping on some ethical journalism standards than playing games on Grindr.”
Is it just me... or does dedicating the first 20 years of your life to a country that'll hang your ass from the nearest lamp post seem a little crazy?

Ah, well... now the Daily Beast can get back to what it does beast... getting the Hildebeast & Hubby back into the Whitehouse.


Bill E said...

Is it any wonder we have a tough time even giving one teensie dry popcorn fart about the Olympics - I can't think of anything that interests me less - and for obvious reasons.

Neo Conservative said...

for decades now, countries have been basically farming athletes... many with state sponsored doping regimes.

canada is certainly not immune... remember ben johnson?

the gay controversy here seems to be more about promiscuity than anything else.


Dollops said...

Where is the CPC wannabe leader who is for pulling out of the olympics, the UN and the climatastrophe frauds? Eric