03 August 2016

First, they came for the cartoon pictures...

...but how long before fast cars & motorcycles, skydiving, full contact sports, college debates...cold, dead minds

In addition to replacing the handgun emoji with a water gun, Apple “will also introduce new and revamped emojis that show women doing stereotypically male jobs like detective, construction worker, and police officer.”
Why stop there? How about NFL linebacker, Circus Strongman, Seal Team 6...

The lunatic left... saving the world, one bitmap at a time. Funny, though... how there's never a feminist around when you really, really need one.
Why haven’t Lena Dunham and her body positivity-championing cohorts chimed in on Twitter? Why didn’t Amy Schumer call out the Post for taking a cheap shot at Melania? Where’s Emily Ratajkowski’s nude #solidarity selfie?
Yeah... that's what I thought.


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“We know that the threat level is severe and that an attack is highly likely, what we are concerned about is what we’ve seen in Europe.”
Oh, no... dangerous, evil guns.


Bill E said...

Understanding the obsession with gun fear is divided into 2 levels - at the political level. it is not fear it's a lie to make you afraid and rid the populous of a means of resistance to globalism.

At the street level it's indoctrinated paranoia but when you see moves like this you wonder if that paranoia has metastasized into a primitive animist belief system where evil spirits inhabit inanimate objects and control people- ugh, gunz is bad mojo, me banish evil spirit emoji!

Another indication society/culture are regressing

Neo Conservative said...

our "raising awareness" culture.