23 August 2016

Good news... Elitist Racist Snowflake...

...has horrific white privilege resolutely checked...

"Good Morning America host Amy Robach apologizes for using racial slur."
Oh my gawd... what egregious crime has been perpetrated on "The Community™" today?

Hmmm... a nationally broadcast TV show host being publicly shamed and pilloried... hopefully, this isn't "burn down a neighbourhood" bad.

Wait... what the f@ckin, f@ck?! Is this some sort of joke?
"We no longer use the term "colored people", although once upon a time that was a term in use," said Deborah E. McDowell, director of the University of Virginia's Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies. "Now the preferred usage is "PEOPLE OF COLOR."
Seriously, is this really what keeps our darker-skinned brothers & sisters awake at night? And, let's be honest, is "people of color" a phrase you're ever gonna hear in the hood?


RELATED: Meanwhile, a non-nationwide story...
AKRON, OH - A group of men chanting "Black Lives Matter" were accused of viciously beating up seven white victims in Akron early Sunday morning. The suspects started hitting them with bottles, punching and kicking the victims. One victim fell to the ground and was kicked in the head several times before losing consciousness.
Yup... very Black Lives indeed.

Now that they've got their pound of honky flesh, maybe these, er... "people of color" could try focusing some of that outrage on the "Chicago Shot Clock."chicago shot clock**********

RELATED2: A little closer to home

Astonishing shift in editorial policy allows CBC to publish physical description of shooter...
"A person of interest was seen leaving the scene on a bicycle. Police described him as a white man wearing a dark bicycle helmet."
Will this new guideline apply to all future homicides... or is it a one off thing?

Curiously, not one media outlet has characterised the victim as someone who was "always laughing" or "turning his life around." Instead, there are numerous references to an arrest 7 years ago and reputed "biker" affiliations. The Toronto Star highlights a criminal conviction...
Ignagni was convicted under the Highway Traffic Act in 2005 for failing to wear a helmet at a biker funeral.

Alrighty... now that we, the national broadcaster, have yet again boldly cherry-picked a repudiation of racial stereotypes, it's back to our nightly roundup of puppies and unicorns.

Or maybe CBC can get Justin to take off his shirt again.


Bill E said...

Wow, lots packed into one thread, here goes:

A) Looking at this Zendaya (latest mass marketed sex critter), she doesn't seem to qualify as being black at all - 1/8th maybe? I question the Spiderman movie maker in using a token black (who appears to be an nonthreatening, pale skinned, socially acceptable black with no physical negroid appearance and no black cultural bearing), to exploit race in selling their mind-numbing juvenile BS. As for the apologizing news snowflake, don't play to Marxist race politics, no job is worth your principles - oh, a network employee, too late.

B) The BLM Soros destabilization project is working like a charm, now the thug culture think it's a get-out-of-jail-free card for swarm mugging "people of non-color" - even the white black thugs are into Soros race war politics.

C) CBC (and of course all corporate media) is bought into the race politics boondoggle, it makes them feel like our moral superiors and thought controllers and race baiting and white guilt sell copy.

It doesn't take a cultural anthropology doctorate to see that race/identity politics is a globalist-marxist destabilization tool to undermine cultural stability - those dupes who buy into it speak/behave like schizophrenic androids and actively are destroying their culture with a big self satisfied smile on their puss.

Neo Conservative said...

bill, you're correct. zendaya is simply another non-threatening, ambiguously bi-racial substitute... the likes of which now fill the canadian tire and sears catalogues. it's a marketing tool to connect with "people of colour" without supposedly jarring the sensibilities of ""people of non-colour". i suspect it neither fools nor placates anyone.

barack hussein meanwhile has worsened race-relations in the united states like no other president in memory. ignoring the louisiana disaster to go golfing is just the icing on the cake.

of course, the alinskyites like hillary are sewing more of this hostility... you don't want people to stop and actually think about issues.

it's a mess and getting messier and the msm just plays along.


Bill E said...

Re: race baiting by CBC

Neo I thought you'd be all over the proggy media trying to string up this Farmer in Biggar Sask for a race crime - Aparently he lives near a rez where a lot of farms are seeing vehicle/equipment thefts (people around that rez you have near Caledonia can relate)and he shot one of a group of rez kids in his farm yard. CBC is whipping it into a "race crime".

Car with 5 Rez kids pull into his farm yard at the same time the police are running investigations for thefts in the area - there's a heated exchange One kid runs and the others smash into a car trying to get away and he shoots into the car - he pleaded not guilty but the Progs and Native victimhod industry are trying and convicting him in the media

Check it out. Lottsa Media alternate reality narratives.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... all over the proggy media trying to string up this Farmer"

i thought i did comment. i know that before it became a national hate crime, the murdered guy's brother tried to keep him at home because one... he was so drunk... and two... he didn't like the sketchy people he was goimg out with.


Bill E said...

ummmm I must've missed it, I'd remember because I have friends living near there.

Sounds like you got more skinny on this than the press release the Mounties put out - can you give me some links to those articles?

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e asks... can you give me some links to those articles?"

sure thing...

"The last time William Boushie ever saw his brother Colten, he begged him to stay home. William says he wanted his brother to stay home because he was intoxicated and with friends William didn’t approve of."


Bill Elder said...

Stay on this one, I have a feeling the facts to come out in the trial will prove very inconvenient to the victim narrative and the flat tire alibi

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... the victim narrative and the flat tire alibi"

i wonder what happens when the liberals and the aboriginal community uncover that there are no missing murdered 500 aboriginal women... that family violence and prostitution are responsible for the vast majority of any actual homicides and that an inventory of hooker strolls nationwide would turn up some interesting statistics.