16 August 2016

Starring Will Smith...

...as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis...

Snowden is a white male
Author: Sven B.
28 July 2016 •

We know that Snowden is unfortunately Caucasian, but he could also be Black, Latino, Indian, Muslim or Gay.

There is nothing in his story that prevents him from being a woman too. His story is very generic. This would also give rise to tackling aspects which are still considered to be taboo after all these years. Interracial relationships could be explored here and lessons could be taught around this. So, why not instill a few positive messages and concepts within the movie?

It could help others not see color or gender, as many of the previous generation do. Instead, they could see a Black Muslim hero they can believe in and aspire to be irrespective of the color of his skin or his race. We need to end the evils of blue-eyed "whiteness".
Uh-huh... scratch a Millenial... find a pastel coloured, wheelchair bound, minty smelling, Islamic, transsexual unicorn.

Meanwhile, back in "the real world"...
National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden says the exposure of malicious software allegedly linked to his former employer may be a message from Moscow.
Just to be clear... in this world, Vladimir Putin is a middle-aged, decidedly heterosexual, Caucasian male.


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...can we turn this accused killer into a "white guy"... you know... like George Zimmerman?
"The suspect is Hispanic, and some police sources and local residents have noted simmering tensions in the largely Hispanic neighborhood as the Bangladeshi Muslim population there grows."
C'mon, now... this Hispanic thing is just gonna muddy the narrative. Wouldn't a little revisionism help end the evils of blue-eyed "whiteness".


Bill E said...

Yeah, they sure have the shit pounded deep into their little neanderthal brains - when I see/hear mindless fallacies and bigotry like this tossed off by proggy trolls I realize this guy is showing off his ignorance and narrow minded stupidity like it's a badge of honor, a new chic - and maybe it is, maybe stupid is the new smart.

But I'm telling you we of average intelligence or better are sure getting sick of the dummies reunning things - it's like living every dy in Mike Judd's Idiocracy.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... Mike Judd's Idiocracy"

i remember when i first saw this movie... thinking way, way over the top.

truth is indeed stranger than fiction.