05 August 2016

Professional Journalist...

...or breathless 40 year-old divorcee... you tell me...prime minister beef jerky
This anecdote contains hope for us all,” exults digital magazine Slate. “The next time you see a cave, you should probably check to see if there is a hunky international statesman inside.”
Not unlike former Italian Clown-in-Chief Sylvio Berlusconi and his never-ending "Rent a Bimbo" scandals, Canada is, almost daily, being defined by "professional" journalists as the free range habitat of (all oiled up & ready to go) Prime Minister "Beef Jerky."look at meHow exactly did we come to this? Sigh.


Not them. No uggos,” said Trudeau to himself as an ordinary family of five hiked by his dimly lit hiding space. “I am the Prince Charming of Canada. I will not be seen with a bunch of sixes.”

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The case, which has largely been ignored or dismissed by the mainstream media...
Sweet baby jebus...