06 August 2016

In the Garden of...

...Himself and Lucy...good and evilIt's as close as I'll ever get to believing again.


Bill Elder said...

Good find - I spit coffee on the keybord over the dinosaurs gag.

In reality though, when god got pissed up that night, he had his lab rats create Justin just to fuck with Canadians and test our resolve, to see if we are intelligent enough for the next phase of civil evolution - so far we're failing the test.

Last I heard he and "Lucy" went on another bar hop and were talking about Hillary.

Neo Conservative said...

if i've ever thought about it at all, i guess i've imagined that gawd and the devil would be pretty chummy... after all they've known each other for forever and it's like they've had this eternal squash match for everybody's souls.

of course there'd be a certain amount of mischief and grabass.


Anonymous said...

I don't like blasphemous postings. God and Satan are real, not jokes. Bettie

Neo Conservative said...

"bettie says... don't like blasphemous postings."

if gawd can stand around nonchalantly while children die of horrible diseases... or allow all the recent islamic terrorist atrocities... then i admit, i'm not much of a fan.

i guess, bettie... you can hope that gawd strikes me dead... or you can pray for me. your choice, kiddo.