01 August 2016

So, if it's really gonna be...

...between Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle-disaster...i'll pass

“For those who really feel they cannot vote for either of the two major party nominees, Johnson is nominally the most visible alternative,” Murray said. “So people are just traveling there without thinking of ideology.”

Third-party candidates have roiled election results winning far less of the vote share. Ralph Nader’s “2.5 percent in Florida was almost certainly the deciding factor” in the 2000 general election.

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...but Hillary looks you right in the face AND LIES...
"The Washington Post’s fact-checker looked over Clinton’s answer and awarded it four Pinocchios."
And don't get me started on the family "slush fund"...
This follows reports that Laureate Education and Uranium One have paid out (in the tens of millions) to the Clinton Foundation and in return have received immense taxpayer-funded benefits.
Should the Clintons be allowed to get away with it one more time?


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What’s the first thing out of a Trump voter’s mouth when he’s asked about it?

“I like him because he says what’s on his mind.”
“He’ll say anything.”
“He doesn’t sugar-coat it.”
He says things no one else will say.”

It’s a political movement based on the First Amendment.

LAST WORD: Nurse Ratched is my hero
Do you really think I’d be a good president?

We don’t just look alike. I’m telling you: You don’t want this woman in charge
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Bill E said...

If I was Trumps campaign chief I'd be "donating" all I could to these 3rd party also-rans to pull the votes from Hillary - fringers who left the rigged DNC in a huff over Hillary's candidacy fix.

All these 3rd way voters are dip shits that doted on that decrepit old commie Sanders and got screwed by the dems - fringe vote looking for a warm place to take a dump.

Neo Conservative said...

her husband was a liar and philanderer of olympic proportions and hillary seems to have followed very closely in his path.

i don't get why people refuse to see that.

trump is definitely the lesser of two evils here.


Dollops said...

I don't buy the "lesser of evils" faint praise. Trump is no more evil than the average US president. What sticks in the professional politicians' and pundits' craws is that he won't play by their rules.That, and how powerless and envious they feel toward him.

Bill E said...

Jim Goad's Taki's column about Killery is a hoot - "if Chelsea Clinton spent 9 months in Hillary's womb, I'm surprised she wasn't born with permanent frost bite" - coming from "that cavernous ice cave that is Hillary's vagina"

Wow, he nailed it eh? :-)

Neo Conservative said...

liars, cheats and thieves... and chelsea married some hedge fund guy.


Bill E said...

"chelsea married some hedge fund guy."

Like Goad said, permanent frost bite.

Neo Conservative said...

article by billy bob briggs via shaidle... post updated

You’ve got the authoritarian reason, the idea that Trump voters want “a strong man like Putin.” Yeah, really? Would that be the same Scots-Irish people who followed John Knox, got kicked out of the Lowlands, caused all the ruckus in Ulster County, fought the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania, and spread out through the Ohio Valley and Appalachia and the Deep South so they could get away from all governments?

Yeah, right, those people want a dictator.