17 August 2016

Presidential election tips & tricks...

...you never go "full Stephen Hawking"...fallen and i can't get upP.S. - how long will the mainstream media continue to overlook Hillary's obvious illness?


Bill E said...

My favorite Killery's sick cartoon:


Neo Conservative said...

otoh, think about how thrilled hillary's vp nominee must feel about this very likely shortcut to the oval office.


Anonymous said...

Hillary's proxy VP is Soros

- her VP has had a couple of closed door meetings with him - If I was Hillary I'd be worried about whats in those syringes they're always poking her with

Hillary and Bill's weakness is in thinking there are not bigger more treacherous predators than them swimming in the globalist swamp.

Neo Conservative said...

i don't understand why hillary's obvious health issues are not a concern. combine what appears to neurological issues with her obesity (the coat in the picture just emphasizes her chris christie-like bulk) and you have a ticking time bomb.

i watched a video where she appears to be having a seizure and it was absolutely horrifying.

i guess it's too late for the dems to do anything but grit their teeth and hope she doesn't do the funky chicken on the debate stage.