01 April 2011

The Merry Merry Myth of May

There were 18 polls done after the debates. In those polls, the Greens averaged 9.58 per cent. Statistically, the debate had absolutely zero affect on the Greens’ standing.

Not surprisingly, the polls as a whole overstated Green support on election day when they got 6.8 per cent.


Anonymous said...

The chance Lizzy May had to put her POV forward was unprecedented, IMO.
Instead of using the opportunity to show leadership and grace she did quite the opposite.
I don't think anyone can ever take her or her one trick pony Party seriously after that clueless, classless display of rude and childish behavior. JMO

Neo Conservative said...

i'm afraid lizzie lost my respect a while back...

"Yesterday, St├ęphane Dion’s candidate in Central Nova, Elizabeth May retracted her characterization of NATO and Canadian forces as 'Christian Crusaders'."


Anonymous said...

I had forgotten that Neo, seems like a very strange POV for a Ordained Minister?
Of course now its all about those misunderstood Terrorists.
Another self loathing Christian.
The Arabs don't like the oil sands much either, gonna cramp their Jihaddy-budget.
Birds of a feather?
Cheers Bubba

Neo Conservative said...

"bubba says... strange POV for a Ordained Minister"

everybody always forgets that lizzie was hip deep in the "coalition of weasels" thing too...

"Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is endorsing the proposed coalition government and says she has spoken with Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion about the possibility of her being appointed to the Senate."

good ol' lizzie "let's make a deal" may.


Frances said...

Last I heard, the Anglicans hadn't been daft enough to actually ordain her as a deacon, let alone admit her to the priesthood.