29 April 2011

Gotta have priorities, I guess

-- TORONTO -- A high school created a century ago as a unique testing lab for would-be teachers and a haven for the academically gifted has to pack up and find new digs after the University of Toronto said it will need the downtown space for itself.

The University of Toronto Schools has had a special partnership with the University of Toronto since its inception in 1910: Their programs were linked, and the university sent its student teachers to the “independent” high school, which earned a reputation for creating Rhodes scholars and mathletes.
Screw that egghead stuff... behold the future of Canadian education...

Ph.DildoThinking with the big head... so last millenium.


Thucydides said...

Looked at the link inside your post (Mark S Bonham centre...)

My mind is officially boggled

Hoarfrost said...

So much for a former centre of excellence. Once upon a time only the truly gifted obtained access to that school. It is sad to see a former centre of excellence fade away to bachanalia.

L said...

And people are against reviewing what types of research are funded??? This program should be in a flakey private university.

Anonymous said...

This is a byproduct of massive government overfunding.

The answer is simple: huge rollbacks to university grants, and then, via market forces, worthless dreck such as this will not survive. Kids will be channeled into less worthless forms of "education"; although the traditional arts/humanities/social sciences are still rife with leftwing drivel.

Don't know if a massive post-secondary education overhaul is possible or not. But de-funding this tripe is a good start.

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