15 April 2011

Oppressed Gazan "Freedom Fighters"...

...strike yet another heroic blow for their noble cause...

The Salafists threatened to execute Arrigoni unless Hamas released several prisoners, but killed him before the deadline. In a video posted to YouTube, Arrigoni appears beaten and blindfolded and his captors denounce Italy as “the infidel state” and say Arrigoni “entered our land only to spread corruption."

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Go offer your activist group's services to the folks above.


Frances said...

Neo - had an offspring who ended up as a student among Israelis (don't ask). Anyway, the Israeli take on the whole Palestinian issue was that the Christian Palestinians were only able to exist because of Israel. As long as there was a 'Christian' aspect to the Palestinian problem, the churches would support 'Palestine'. Once the need for such support was gone, the Christians would be toast.

We're seeing that now in Gaza. Perhaps we should push for the inclusion of Christian 'Palesinians' on the refugee list.

Neo Conservative said...

i just wanna see the "queers against israeli apartheid" try run their game in the gaza strip.

heads would... and no, this isn't a figure of speech... roll.