14 April 2011

The most dangerous job...

...in the whole USA.

Sorry, Smokey... firefighter is Number 2.


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"In the decade from 1991-2000, there were 5,900 water-related deaths in Canada; of that total, 889 died fishing."


Cranky or Just A Crank said...

I would have thought that the title of the "Deadliest Catch" a series that is about to start its seveth season on the Discovery Channel might have given a hint to what was the most dangerous job.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...all of them are male dominated fields.

This death-gap must be addressed immediately!

syncrodox said...


I've worked the rigs, flown the bush, swung crane and worked the scaffold and attempted to rehabilitate convicts, so far in my life....those guys have my utmost respect.

Neo Conservative said...

"cranky says... the title of the 'Deadliest Catch'"

hmmm... we're on peasant-vision here at the halls, cranky, so i don't know this programme... but i'm not really sure you wanna buy into everything you see on tv anyway.

the fact is we (the public)... as a direct result of dumbed down info-tainment from the cbc & their ilk... really have no idea what is going on around us...

"Each year in Canada, farming injuries cause about 120 deaths and 1,200 medical interventions. Deaths to farmers and farm workers represent 13% of all occupational fatalities in Canada."

that's a pretty startling statistic. try imagine the furor if 10 canadian soldiers were being killed every month in afghanistan. but hey... farming just ain't titillating enough, i guess.

in contrast... the cbc just ended their "national" puppet show tonight with a report on prince william being turned away from a welsh restaurant.

you gotta wonder where all this emphasis on nonsensical yip-yap instead of real news will lead us.


max said...

The way things are going in the states, 'bureaucrat' stands a good chance of making the list in the not-to-distant future.

Mitchel44 said...

Folks die fishing every year here in Nova Scotia.

Truly capitalist at heart, most of the crew work for a "share", the value of which fluctuates depending on the owner. The crew have fewer protections under provincial employment legislation than any other field. Medical and Dental plans? Ha ha, don't even think about pension plans.

Work hard and hope to hell your captain knows what he's doing, and that the fish are where you think they are.

Neo Conservative said...

we've had two farmer deaths... falling tree, electrocution... and one roofer... fall... in the area since we moved in in 2001.

not one of them making the kind of money a cop or firefighter makes. not one of them was a blip on the cbc radar.

just regular guys tryin' to get by.