01 April 2011

"In the mornin' you go gunnin'..."

"...for the man who stole your water..."

Mr. Rizvi, a 31-year-old insurance adjuster, said he decided to defect because he wasn't getting enough support from his party, he thought there were no problems with the Tories' budget and he feared the NDP and Liberals would form a coalition.

He is the second NDP candidate to jump ship in this election campaign, following Ryan Dolby, who was running in Elgin-Middlesex-London. Earlier this week, he declared his support for the Liberals.
"You go back, Jack, do it again."


oxygentax said...

I caught an NDP press release tonight announcing a new candidate for Elgin-Middlesex-London. Let's hope that this new one drops out too.

fernstalbert said...

This is rather astonishing. Why would you accept the nomination of your party and then toss it away like its worthless? Silly me, answered my own question. Instead of figuring out which ridings are competative - perhaps we should be taking bets on how may candidates on the left will be left on election day. Yogi Berra has a saying, "I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early." lol

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, this is either accident, or design.

If design, Layton is a liar (and a damn bad one).

If accident, he has no control over his nominations (and this from a party that deliberately disinvites interest from straight white men to provide "balance").

Either way, not a strong mark on the "plus" column of a national leader.

Neo Conservative said...

well... it's not like gille's brainiac bloc-heads are covering themselves in glory, either.