23 April 2011

Speaking of Audacity

President Obama declared today's 41st annual Earth Day proof of America's ecological and conservation spirit — then completed a three-day campaign-style trip logging 10,666 miles on Air Force One, eating up some 53,300 gallons at a cost of about $180,000.

And that doesn't include the fuel consumption of his helicopter, limo, or the 29 other vehicles that travel with that car.


Platty said...

Ah yes, but what you fail to understand is that Obama, Gore, Suzuki...when they travel, they only burn Clean Carbon. None of that filthy Alberta tar sands fuel for them.


Anonymous said...

what a great example the pres is. it is always a lie with the man. everything he says he does the opposite of . the consumption is just one of many bad examples.

Neo Conservative said...

lemme see... he didn't close gitmo, tripled predator strikes in afghanistan & pakistan... threw the country into trillion dollar deficit... and his eco-record would make a democrat weep.

be careful what you wish for, huh?


BDFT said...

Its the whole Soviet thing, the peasants live in abject poverty while the Politburo lives better than the Tsars. Obama hasn't quite got the peasants beat down enough yet but one more term in office should do it.