12 April 2011

Hang on a second... you mean...

...spending 2 billion taxpayer dollars to harrass farmers, skeet shooters and duck hunters... doesn't actually do anything about urban handgun crime?

-- TORONTO -- An alleged gang banger who has twice been acquitted of charges of shooting little boys is once again behind bars for a crime involving a gun.

And the family of 11-year-old Ephraim Brown, one of the two young victims Gregory Sappleton has been accused of shooting, hopes that the 25-year-old stays locked up.

Sappleton was also among three youths arrested following a drive-by shooting in August of 2005 that saw four-year-old Shaquan Cadougan and several others sprayed with bullets outside a townhouse complex on Driftwood Ave., southeast of Jane St. and Finch Ave. W.
Don't you worry, though... he's only an "alleged" gangbanger. I guess that means he won't be in the Ignatieff-approved long gun registry.

Remember, folks... friends don't let friends vote Liberal...
harper majority**********

"not to worry gang bangers and prostitutes who have their 24 sussex contacts lobby for them are all ok eh."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 8:07 AM, April 12, 2011
Oh, nonny... you do all the work for me.


LAST WORD: Bring back the death penalty
Deir believes capital punishment would be appropriate for the killer of her daughter, a repeat offender who was released from a four-year sentence for a similar shooting rampage in Toronto five months before he killed Zaveda.

Ironically, the earlier shooting rampage by Weese was kept hidden from his jury for fear of tainting the verdict.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't he aquitted? So then... why are you suggesting otherwise? I've seen you defend other gun users who were accused and not convicted. The rural gun owner, firebomb victim comes to mind.

Considering the fact you were not in the court room or have any actual knowledge of the events other than from a couple of columns, why you are taking a different stance on this one than the rural gun owner?

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... the guy's implicated in the killing of an 11 year-old and the wounding of a four year-old... and you immediately jump to his defense? you really wanna die on this particular hill?

and four comments in the space of 15 minutes? thank goodness for comment moderation.

you're actually suggesting the police tried to frame your poor little friend? did they arrest him on his way home from choir practice?

"The two men, just out of their teens, have a history of criminal charges. In Mr. Eubank's case, those charges include weapons offences, allegations he assaulted a police officer and, on one occasion, eight counts of failing to comply with bail conditions."

and how exactly, is poor little gregory, in any way, shape or form... like a law-abiding citizen with legal firearms?

"Ephraim Brown wasn't shot because someone didn't lock up his gun properly. Neither was Jordan Manners, or any other kid who's been shot lately."

"And yet, we've still got politicians pandering to white middle-class sensibilities with talk of tightening the gun registry."

"Better that than demonizing the people living in the afflicted neighbourhoods, I guess."

you're such a simpleton.