15 April 2011

Oh my gawd... somebody kidnapped...

...Christie Blatchford... and apparently replaced her with Elizabeth May...
surprise, surprise


Anonymous said...

Welfare mom, multiple fathers for her non-nuclear family. Burns her own house to the ground.

Obviously, just another victim of waspy, racist Canadian society.

Thank you Ms. Blatchford.

Brian said...

Apparently 69 percent of African-American children are born out of wedlock , so I expect roughly the same statistics apply here in Canada.

... but obviously that is not the problem.

Neo Conservative said...

don't think of this as rampant, unproductive taxpayer-subsidised lifestyles... that's just so, well... conservative.

all the simpering, left-leaning eggheads (are you listening, iggy) are simply calling it “multiple partner fertility”...

"She found that having children by different fathers was more common among minority women, with 59 percent of African American mothers, 35 percent of Hispanic mothers and 22 percent of white mothers with two or more children reporting multiple partner fertility."

remember... don't just focus on the horrendous economic & social fallout... wake up... and smell the science.


Frances said...

Have differing emotions about this, Neo. Obviously the woman was not leading what we would call an exemplary life. But it does seem as if she was trying to do better, only to get sucked back into what I would call -for want of a better phrase - the ghetto life.

Realize what you're saying; just sorry death intervened as it seems she might have won out in the end.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... the woman was not leading what we would call an exemplary life."

3 kids with 3 men... on welfare all her life... burns down house killing self & others.

think maybe, frances... you're setting the bar kinda low for that "exemplary life" thing.