29 April 2011

Call me a sceptic... I just have this...

...tiny, nagging suspicion, that... despite all his unceasing, frenetic pre-election slagging... Michael Ignatieff, come next Tuesday, will be only too happy to be Jacko's little organ-grinding dance partner...

In his attack, Ignatieff said the NDP's $70-billion platform would dig Canada farther into deficit, and Layton's plan to immediately hire 1,200 doctors and 6,000 nurses at a cost of $25 million would stomp on provincial jurisdictions.
C'mon, Michael... get out the chapstick... 'cos you're gonna be needing it.


Rose21 said...

I doubt the choice will be Michaels as he will be pressed to resign. I predict Bob Rae as an intermim leader -- and Rae will have not problem joining up with the NDP. My hope is that at least some of the Liberal caucus would not go along and might prefer to swing to Conservatives or sit independently.

Anonymous said...

What - what a deal!

7600 new hires for a price tag of $25 million.
That works out to $3,472 per person per year.

That's the doctor that I want to go to - the one that makes $300 per month

Anonymous said...

Yes, I here you.

However, if the Libs are reduced to third party (or fourth?) they might have to play kingmaker in a minority parliament.

The choice may not be as obvious as it seems.

It might not be an easy sell to simply ignore all of the political realities and simply prop up an NDP gov't.

Do the Libs. (the base or what is left of it) want a merger or do they want a coalition? How will the MP's know?

I am willing to bet that a few Lib MP's would be far more comfartable with the Cons. than with the NDP, especially with some of the characters that will be on the NDP bench.

These Lib MP's will not be threatened by any party discipline. There won't be any.

Rich said...

The only thing keeping the top of my head attached is the belief that enough Canadians will give their heads a shake in the voting booths to give the CPC a majority.
No matter what the polls say, I will not be swayed.
Go Conservatives....Go Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

assuming they don't chase the count outta town with torches & pitchforks... the best the iggy liberals could do is place a few mp's in laytons minority government cabinet.