09 April 2011

Another Jane Taber tongue bath...

...must be Friday...

Meanwhile... the CTV Ottawa television affiliate CJOH just referred to Stephen Harper's "scary, big brother Orwellian world" on its Gallery Talk segment.

Yeah... what media bias, huh?


Anonymous said...

Jackie whatsherface on CTV referred to 'health care, which is synonymous with the Liberal party' this morning.

Sean M said...

Good grief Tabor is an idiot! The attacks on her husband? Nice spin Jane... really, what a load of shit that woman talks.

Anonymous said...

Liberals did make health care their number one priority for a number of years. But they also mismanaged it, bled it to death and even starved it to death. (real conservative)

Alberta Girl said...

You know, I honestly don't think these people realize what they sound like... I think they should be sent a long, long list of these "quotes". Maybe if they see them listed out, in writing, they would see what they are doing.


Maybe they are intentional????

Yeah, I guess I had a moment of faith in our media.....LOL

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Jane Tabor, CJOH all too willingly demonstrate their ignorance.

The "...scary, Big Brother Orwellian World..." reference is about a State-Controlled Media Monopoly. In Canada, that'd be the MSM, your running lap-dogs and lackeys of Librano Imperialism.

Memo to MSM and kindred spirits:

Keep shoveling the manure of your ignorance. It does two things, in sequence.

1.) Harper and CPC fortunes keep rising.

2.) The more that (1.) above occurs, the more frequent and ever louder, will be the incidence of "progressive" heads exploding and bursting into flames.

J'aime ca boo-koo!!



t.e. & o.e.

Anonymous said...

The real question here is WHEN did Zsazsu apply for Canadian citizenship?
They've been here since 2005,does it take 6 years for the paperwork to be processed?Or did she first make sure that he was leader of the Liberal party before applying?


Neo Conservative said...

"bocanut asks... WHEN did Zsazsu apply for Canadian citizenship?"

well... obviously, she didn't.

of course, that's perfectly understandable... that application process would only complicate things when she applies for u.s. citizenship when professor zinfandel returns to hah-vuhd... after being brutally pummelled in the upcoming election.

and poor janie? i guess she's never gonna realise her elizabeth may-like dream of being appointed to the senate.

all that work down the drain. so sad.