21 April 2011

But, but... Michael Ignatieff says we're...

...living in a brutal dictatorship...

"Canadians share second place among the most contented people on the planet, according to a global survey that asked respondents to rate their own lives."

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...slams into hyperdrive...
"Mr. Harper has been setting this trap ever since St├ęphane Dion’s ill-fated attempt to take power 2 1/2 years ago. Now, Mr. Ignatieff has wandered straight into it. He has 11 days to find his way out."
Or, is it just possible Adam... that instead of that "evil chessmaster Stephen Harper's" longstanding diabolical machinations... your aristocratic Harvard-trained hero simply tripped over his enormous silver tongue?

Of course not.


"Elect a Harper majority and we'll see what dictatorship is like."

Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 7:23 AM, April 21, 2011
Yup... gotta love that "kangaroo courts for free speech" thing, huh Libby?
libby spews againMark it on your calendar... the day comedy died in Canada.


LAST WORD: Irony... not dead at all
Earle was just on Adler and described himself as a leaning left socialist, and a Layton supporter.


Anonymous said...

the day comedy died?

Since when do you support the right of someone who not only calls someone a fucking bitch/cunt and then physically assaults a woman in a bar neo?

Or, did you not get that part.

Frances said...

If the Count thinks we would be living in a brutal dictatorship, he should channel the ghosts of his ancestors' estates, particularly the Jewish ones.

max said...

Oh yes.. the malevolent man-behind-the-curtain deploys his most trusted minion,Peter Mansbridge to spring the trap. It all makes sense now.. Mansbridge the sleeper agent, laying in wait for decades.. waiting for the right moment.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny rages... Or, did you not get that part."

sorry nonny... don't believe now, or ever... there should be a "commissar of comedy"... for drunk lesbians... or anybody else.

had there been a physical assault... that's a matter for the police... not the "be nice" bureaucracy.

this is a travesty.


max said...

I don't speak for Neo, but I completely support the right to call someone a "fucking bitch/cunt", as you so eloquently put it nonny. As for assault - it's a police matter if it occurred, not a "Human Rights" case.

Part of living in a free country is having to share it with idiots who will call each other "fucking bitch/cunt", and with other idiots who believe that government intervention is required to prevent hurt feelings. We're so free that a totalitarian element has exploited this freeness, capitalizing on misplaced empathy and seizing control of free discourse.

When it comes time to vote I'll support the party that stands the most chance of getting Canada back on course.

Neo Conservative said...

i truly don't get you, nonny... you're willing to let some porkbarrel bureaucrat appointee dictate what you can say to another citizen?

the complainants in these cases don't have to pay for a lawyer... but the defendants do?

normal legal rules are not observed... but that's ok?

that's your idea of an equitable system?

wake up, nonny... and smell the sheeple.