20 April 2011

I blame Marvel Comics

The eminently forseeable consequences of... NOT ACTUALLY BEING... one of the X-men...

“With the training and the confidence that comes with it, I’m sure he probably thought he could overpower the gunman.” --
Of course, that should actually be gunmen... as in two of them.

Let me say that again... two armed thugs.

Now I don't care how strong your kung-fu is... fists against multiple armed assailants... that's a Jackie Chan movie... a crazy fantasy... a way to get yourself killed.

Which is why, folks... virtually every city in North America (even Belleville, Ontario, population 45,000) has special heavily-armed & armoured "tactical teams" that deal with situations like this.
A witness told him dozens of people were in the restaurant and they could have been hurt or killed if his brother hadn’t intervened.
While I realise Kearn Nedd's family has to try make sense of this tragic event, the cold, hard fact is... no cop worth his years of training would have, even for a second, considered jumping an armed thug in a room full of innocent bystanders... never mind there's a second armed hostile watching the first guy's back.

Even a trained shooter would have been flippin' a cosmic coin trying to instantly disable two armed men. The fact is... an adrenaline soaked situation like this... two armed sociopaths with not a shred of gun discipline or restraint between them... it's a miracle there was only one KIA.

So... I'm sorry to upset the fuzzy-bunny narrative, here... but had Mr. Nedd simply sat & watched these assholes take off a stupid card game... he would still be alive today.

He wasn't a hero... he was a runaway train.

What a tragic, useless waste of a life.


ben said...

You're a real piece of shit.

i hope that one day i run for office, and someone googles my name and finds this comment. because this blog post is the out-house hole of the internet.

Neo Conservative said...

tell me ben... what part of this post are you disputing?

i'm saying mr nedd foolishly misread this situation and got himself killed. it's a very lucky thing no one else was maimed or killed as a result.

you wanna buy into the "everybody's a hero" meme... the same nonsense the msm uses to increase circulaton every time somebody publicly, tragically dies... that's your business.

the facts here say otherwise.

btw... good luck with your political career... i'll be sure to google "ben" in 10 years.


Dwayne said...

A hero can pick his spot. Lets play examples... in Montreal this single gunman goes into a school. I think you get the picture Ben. Now had Mr. Nedd been in that situation, even if he died, I would call him a hero. But you do have to use some common sense and not endanger others needlessly.

Neo Conservative said...

mr nedd took his shot and sadly... got killed for his trouble.

let me ask you this ben. knowing what you know about the situation here... what would you have done?

besides call me silly names, i mean.