10 April 2011

That hollow, thunking sound you hear...

...is smelly old hippies fainting & falling to the ground...

"At the time of our launch we said we believe many people in British Columbia are 'hungry for news and comment that reflects their actual lives, their own values'."
Yeah... right on, man... power to the... what the frack?
"Who’s our biggest traffic-generating writer so far this election? None other than Stephen Harper. Read the prime minister’s contribution to the Tyee’s pages here."


Candace said...

You did click on the link, right? It's the ancient, talked about so many times I can't believe (based on the comments) that everybody doesn't already know about it speech in the US from a decade or so ago.

Neo Conservative said...

candace... like ctv, cbc and the toronto red star... the tyee doesn't really even bother to try conceal their bias.

they could have in their possession a picture of michael ignatieff dismembering kittens and they'd still be blowing his horn.

i was just having a bit of fun here.