22 April 2011

Yet another Middle East Massacre...

...must be Friday...

"A four-year-old girl was reportedly among the victims, shot in the head by a sniper according to opposition activists."

UPDATE: Bashar goes ballistic
Security forces in Syria have shot dead at least 12 people at funerals for anti-government protesters killed on Friday.

At least seven people were reportedly shot dead in the Douma and Barzeh, both districts of Damascus.


max said...

Someone recently explained to me how street cleaners (typically old beggars) have been used as a training aid there. Novice snipers would shoot them from rooftops to get a feel for the job.

Neo Conservative said...

let me tell you about a funny little place called the islamic middle east...

"Ms. Mukhtar was raped on the orders of the village council in Meerwala, a dusty farming village in Punjab Province in a case that jolted the country and ignited international outrage."

"The rape was said to be a punishment for her younger brother’s supposed illicit relations with a woman from a rival tribe, the Mastoi. Later police investigations found that the boy had been molested by three Mastoi tribesmen and that the accusation against him had been a cover-up."