25 April 2011

If Michael Ignatieff is working his way...

...backwards from World War I... how long will it take him to apologise for the "Highland Clearances"...

1914 eh?

And he said Parliament should issue an apology for the decision by British Columbia authorities to refuse to let Sikh passengers disembark in Canada from the liner Komagata Maru in 1914.
Heck... he's already back to 1885.


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scratch a liberal... find a cheater**********

UPDATE: Volpe busted
A Liberal Party canvasser has been dismissed after removing Green Party campaign flyers from mailboxes and replacing them with Liberal materials while door-knocking with Toronto incumbent Joe Volpe.


Pissedoff said...

Doing a good job of imitating Duceppe

max said...

They look like uber-fools wearing colour coordinated headgear. I feel bad for the old timer stuck in that media frenzy.

L said...

I like genealogy too, but a PM candidate should not be so self-obsessed with his roots that he has to include it in a platform message.

HE BROUGHT UP THE TOPIC, no one else, and harped on his fake humble roots, which was so untrue, as his family was just fine in Britain before sailing. Most Canadians reacted with a what the f***? Why lie? and pretend? My family was given 200 acres and and axe 100 years before the Count arrived, so f*** that. Not impressed that he re-writes even his own history! ...

I was a civil servant, so here goes an TIC abbreviated letter:

Dear Hon. Mr. (Count, sorry no titles apply in Canada) Ignatieff:

Thank you for your application. We regret to inform you that your application for Prime Minister has been rejected because it does not meet the criteria of the Canadian public.

If you wish to engage in our 20-year appeal process, please call Ottawa at 1-800-799-8557 or e-mail (woops, link does not work) We will eventually pick-up, if you have the patience.

We will be available to assist you to suggest many very expensive lawyers who can aide you in tying up the system to test your challenge. In particular, you might want to do a Charter challenge, as lots of people are doing well with this method. Human Rights Commissions are also very inexpensive ways to challenge your right to be PM.

We wish you the very best in your future career.

Gov Canada

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

What about Ukrainians when do little russians get money for being interned? Oh wait they are white, section 15.2 of the bigoted charter and all.

L my ancestors were given the same 200 acres [Dettrich] in St Catharines and built a nice city.

Anonymous said...

Love that 'L'!!

And wrt the Volpe buddy...was he ever named? How can we know he is 'fired'? What makes me think Volpe will just say it for the sake of good optics?