16 April 2011

You want the good stuff... ask a Lawyer

Yeah, Rodney... tell us all about "The Good Ship Lollipop"...

Holloway agreed that the Sun Sea's arrival was part of a complex, well-organized and likely profitable operation, but "the intention appears to have been to bring the ship to Canada and report to a port of entry, not to enter Canada clandestinely."
Now, Rod... I'll confess I don't have an LL.B on my business cards... but I do know total horse-puckey when I see a big steamin' pile.

And forgive me for treading on sanctified lawyerly turf... but there's an accepted way (as in legal) to "report to a port of entry"...
"He has a doctorate in chemistry, she has very similar qualifications, they both speak very fluent English (and other languages)... and it still took them almost 4 years and thousands of dollars to get their permanent residency cards."


Frances said...

Do taxes in season and see far too many families who are denied benefits because only one family member has the 'work permit' and therefore the spouse - usually Mum - can't get the SIH necessary for filing her tax return and getting the CTTB, etc. Funny, arriving dockside, pregnant and sans papers, allows you all these benefits; while taxpayers are denied.

Neo Conservative said...

ask yourself, which party is actually gonna crack down on this sort of abuse.

i'll give you a hint... it ain't the "welcome back khadr" folks.