18 April 2011

"Real men" don't worry about perjury

I'd love to see Michael Ignatieff giving sworn testimony...liar, liarYou can publicly lie to a whole country... I imagine you can lie anyplace, anytime.

"Liberals say they will post an online poll Monday asking Canadians which new Harper quote on health care they should use to replace one 'that was inaccurate'."
"Inaccurate", huh? Looks like Hanoi Jane is still buckin' for that Senate seat.

You've gotta love the automatic Fiberal reaction here... get caught... and instead of retracting & apologising, you call your opponent a wuss.

Is there anything Michael Ignatieff wouldn't say or do to become Prime Minister.

The answer seems pretty clear.

Meanwhile... in other "the childrens is r futcher" news... I'm with Kate... let them eat debt.


"it appears to me, I see Harper demanding a majority, or the separatists are gonna fornicate with your daughters goddamit!"
Oh, nonny... you do all the work for me.


Anonymous said...

"Is there anything Michael Ignatieff wouldn't say or do to become Prime Minister. "

Well, let's see:
Live in Canada, pay taxes here and contribute to our country (its not his, he said the US was)

Get elected to his parties leadership instead of being annointed

Show up in parliament and get a little experience under his belt (pro-rated, he only has 1.5 years of experience as an MP)

Neo Conservative said...

well, yeah... there is that.


Anonymous said...

If Jane is bucking for a Senator's position, she's barking up the wrong tree as Ignatieff will never have the authority to designate her as such.
Now that SUN TV is streaming most of the CBC and CTV hacks will be seeking new employment.
Problem is - None of them are qualified for a real job.
Ezra put the screws to the CBC tonight on SUN TV and they must be really smarting from the slap in the face.
Looks good on ya, you asked for it.

E Mac

Neo Conservative said...

"e mac says... Ezra put the screws to the CBC tonight on SUN TV"

well, thank goodness the canadian people finally have an alternative to the blatantly partisan cbc & ctv.

now if we could only cut off that billion dollar yearly taxpayer subsidy to the nations uber left-leaning "public" broadcaster.

and i just saw yet another of the fiberals libelous attack ads stating that... "stephen harper is demanding more time in power".

see... what i understand is that the liberal party got together with their dipper & bloc friends and voted the government out.

what has resulted is an "election"... a concept the royally "annointed" iggy may not be familiar with.